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Rebates and Incentives: Best Time In History To Go Solar?

Rocky Mountain Power, State of Utah and Federal Tax Incentives Are Available To You For Lowering Your Utility Consumption.

-Using solar panels to generate electricity for your home will substantially decrease your cost for electricity. Utah is a great solar market offering plenty of sun and large roof tops that allow for the install of solar panels. The federal and state tax incentives pay for a large portion of your cost. This allows most homeowners to have zero out of pocket costs and pay less than what they are paying now for electricity. Solar is the fastest growing industry in Utah and homeowners are switching to solar at the fastest rate in history, partially due to expected declines in incentives. Now is the best time to explore solar.


Solar requires roof space that is not blocked by trees or other obstructions. There is a 30% federal tax credit and a state tax credit up to $2,000. A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction in your tax liability. Our representatives will talk with you on the phone or come out to your home and help determine if solar will be beneficial. Just give us a call at 801-590-3001 or fill out the form above and we will contact you.

Can I really switch to solar with zero money out of pocket?

In the majority of the homes the answer is clearly yes. You may be able to switch to solar with zero out of pocket and have a monthly payment less than Rocky Mountain Power.  In 2016 the incentives remain very strong for solar.  Solar energy provides an amazing value proposition. If your home is positioned correctly and your roof is not blocked by trees, solar is a great option.

Give us a call today at 801-590-3001 and we can answer any additional questions.

Applied Energy Solutions (AES) is committed to reducing the consumption of utilities, saving moSolar panels installing - collageney for Utah residents while improving our environment.  We will help you determine if solar is a great value for your family.

Why go Solar?

  • Solar is good for the environment and will help our Utah Inversions

  • Solar will save you money from the moment you make the switch

  • Your solar system may be paid for by redirecting your RMP payment and using tax credits provided by federal and state

  • Solar Systems are low maintenance and benefit from a 25 year warranty

  • You are increasing the value of your home by adding solar

  • Coal plants are under increasing regulation and electrical rates are expected to increase considerably in Utah. Now is the time adopt solar and enjoy the benefits

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Say Good Bye to Rising Electrical Costs
solarstock5At AES of Utah our professionals will conduct a free evaluation of your home and make recommendations on energy improvements as well as inform you about the great incentives available when switching to solar. You will be provided with all the information necessary to evaluate the merits of switching your home over to solar.  Solar is the fastest growing industry in Utah and now is the time to make the switch.

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