Radiant Barrier

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Radiant Barrier has surged in popularity over the last ten years. Radiant Barrier is being placed in new construction or retrofitted in existing homes. Radiant Barrier will help even-out the temperature in the winter and make your home more comfortable as well as cooler in the summer.  In turn you will save money on your utility bills. More comfort, more savings. Do you have a room that is hotter than the rest of your home? Radiant Barrier is a great solution. Below, we have put together some common questions asked about Radiant Barrier.

Q. Is Radiant Barrier appropriate for all homes? No, radiant barrier requires certain conditions to be effective. For example, an air space is required for proper installation. In your home it is also important to have the proper traditional insulation.  If your home is shaded by a lot of trees, radiant barrier may not be the best solution. However, if your home is a good candidate, we tend to see great results.

Q. How does Radiant Barrier work?  This will be a little bit of a long answer, so hang in there. Did you know that there are three distinct ways in which heat enters or escapes from your home? The three ways are conductive, convection and radiant heat. Radiant Barrier focuses on reducing the radiant heat in your home. Radiant heat is the primary source for heat gain in your home.

Q. Is radiant barrier expensive? The majority of the expense of radiant barrier is in the install procedure. It is time consuming and takes longer than installing traditional insulation.  Radiant Barrier varies in price depending on the quality of the material. AES has the most competitive pricing for material and the install in Utah. Radiant Barrier comes in many different quality and material types. For example, bubble pack, traditional one sided, two sided, laminated on roof sheeting as well as perforated and non-perforated.

Q. If I place radiant barrier in my attic, will I need to install traditional insulation?  In some application, mainly commercial, industrial or a barn type structure, only radiant barrier is used. However in residential construction traditional insulation is always the first line of defense.

Q. How much money will I save, I read a savings up to 80% on my utility bills? From our experience, 80% savings is out of the question and an inflated number seen on the internet. However, if your home is a good candidate for radiant barrier you will see a significant savings. Often times we install cellulose insulation along with radiant barrier and get phenomenal results.

Radiant Barrier may be a great option for your home or other structures. The next step is to contact us and have one of our specialist come out and determine the best plan to reduce your utility costs. Give us a call today, we are always available to answer questions.

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